Better, faster call center training

Train more people faster and effectively with an AI-powered platform designed for high-stakes call centers and human-led support services. Prepare primes agents to be real-world ready on Day 1 so your organization can address the needs of every caller.

Training tools that make a difference

Engage call center trainees in lifelike conversations with dynamic responses generated for every situation.

Prepare is crafted for diverse caller profiles, tailored to your needs, enriching training with realistic interactions and nuanced challenges.

Instant performance feedback lets trainees understand areas for improvement, allowing them to course correct.

Customize evaluation criteria to match organizational goals, ensuring assessments are relevant and impactful.

Organize trainees into groups to facilitate the call center training experience and run cohort-based analytics.

Do away with scheduling chaos for trainers and trainees. Prepare automates call center training workflows for major time savings.

Track trainee progress, review scores, and view simulation runs easily. Sort by various dimensions for insights on key evaluation factors.

A trainer’s dream. A trainee’s best friend.

Train faster

Agents learn the ropes quickly and can practice their skills earlier (and more often!) in training.

Train better

Agents learn how to deal with every challenge from dynamic caller conversations and instant feedback.

Improve outcomes

Drive change in priority areas, including improving protocol adherence, satisfaction, resolution, and handle time.

Advance DEI impact

Tackle some of the main challenges to DEI goals and set a higher standard for equity.

Elevate staff joy

Boost team morale by removing unwelcome tasks and enhancing the impact of every team member.

Gain instant ROI

Training more agents quickly saves staff hours and delivers ROI you can measure immediately.

Up & running in a flash

Our team gets you onboarded quickly so you’re ready to start training without delay.


Understanding your needs

We kick things off by learning all about your needs, your technology, your priorities, and your scoring dimensions.



Deploying the right simulations

Based on your needs, we refine the models and come back to you for confirmation before go-live.



Implementing smoothly

Our team is always available to support you with areas like onboarding and making the most of ReflexAI tools. Now you’re on your way to better, faster call center training and measurable ROI.


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Exclusive: Trevor Project alums debut call center training startup ReflexAI

High-stakes call center training business ReflexAI raised $3.3 million in seed funding, CEO Sam Dorison tells Axios exclusively.

HIPAA Compliant

Responsible AI at its best

Created by former crisis center leaders, ReflexAI was built for situations where agent proficiency and human connection are critical. Understanding the nature of contact center interactions, our AI models ensure positive agent training and quality assurance. Designed with transparency, ethics, and security in mind, we exceed industry standards.