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Redefining mental health support training & QA

In mental health, providing exceptional quality assurance and training could mean the difference between life or death. ReflexAI solutions are designed with empathy in mind so your team can provide high-quality support to those struggling with mental health challenges.

A young man who is upset on a cell phone seeking mental health support

Better training & QA lead to better outcomes

Mental health organizations are juggling a wide range of interaction types, from care coordinators in contact centers to front-line therapists and coaches who are supporting individuals at their most challenging moments. With efficient training and continuous quality monitoring, teams can effectively handle sensitive conversations, provide empathetic support, and follow established protocols with confidence.

With features like dynamic simulations, immediate feedback, and customizable scoring, teams are empowered to navigate challenging situations confidently, resulting in positive outcomes and smoother operations.

Day 1 readiness

High quality training prepares your team to be real-world ready on Day 1.

Dynamic simulations

Train staff with conversations respond dynamically and realistically to prepare for every situation.

100% visibility

Monitor every interaction with quality assurance to understand trends for a complete picture.

Tailored personas

We can craft personalized training experiences that reflect your unique audience.


Train and score on compassionate responses with nuanced simulations.


Ensure privacy with best-in-class security, including HIPAA compliance.

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