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Upgrade your healthcare call center training & QA

Empower your healthcare call center team to deliver exceptional patient support with AI-powered training and quality assurance solutions. From improving soft skills to ensuring protocol adherence, agents receive the skills they need to handle diverse inquiries quickly and effectively, enhancing patient experience and your brand’s reputation.

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Improve training & QA. Improve outcomes.

Healthcare call centers face a number of challenges, including high call volume, agent training, and balancing empathy with efficiency – all while staying HIPAA-compliant. ReflexAI addresses these challenges head-on with solutions that improve efficiency, compliance, and patient satisfaction.

By monitoring 100% of calls, our QA platform offers valuable insights into patient interactions, enabling you to track outcomes such as appointment bookings and follow-ups. Prepare agents faster while ensuring they are equipped to handle sensitive medical inquiries and emergencies.

100% visibility

View every call for complete quality assurance while tracking trends and measuring outcomes.

Faster call resolution

Better healthcare call center training gives agents the skills to resolve issues quickly and reduce congestion in caller queues.

Support protocols

Ensure adherence to healthcare protocols with real-time training guidance and automated feedback.

Soft skill development

Our healthcare call center training platform was designed to train agents to handle sensitive situations with empathy and expertise.

Phone or text chat

Whether chat or phone, our platform can train and assure quality across both types of communication.

HIPAA compliant

Protect sensitive patient information – our platform follows HIPAA guidelines for data privacy and security.

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