Prepare your team with ease.
Assure quality without gaps.

Make contact center quality management and training faster, better, and more effective with an award-winning AI-based software platform designed for sensitive environments.



Train staff to be ready on Day 1 while eliminating the need for multiple, live trainer role plays. Our software provides realistic simulations, personalized feedback, and intuitive cohort management to streamline training and ensure readiness for sensitive situations in contact centers and human-led support service.

Realistic simulations

Give trainees a dynamic, authentic learning experience to improve skills and be real-world ready on their first call. The majority of trainees prefer simulation practice to trainer-led roleplays.

Cost-savvy learning

Reduce costs required for role plays while accelerating the learning curve and building trainee confidence. Many partners reduce these costs by over 50%.

Efficient training

Avoid logistical headaches of human-led role plays and feedback to achieve greater consistency. Our tools reduce training chaos and create a smoother process for all.



Assess every interaction (literally!) with callers automatically. Assure changes the game with contact center quality management software that gives you total visibility into what’s happening. Easily detect trends and identify areas for recognition or improvement.

Comprehensive assessment

Analyze 100% of live conversations for unparalleled insights into your team’s performance with our QA software.

Time-saving automation

Eliminate manual efforts and free up valuable human resources that can go toward data analysis and other improvement initiatives.

Consistency & accuracy

Gain greater consistency in your call center quality management with unbiased evaluations with actionable feedback.

Align costs & goals

Dedicate precious team resources to areas where they will have the most impact.

Save precious time

Train and evaluate dozens to hundreds of agents efficiently by eliminating manual hassles.

Improve outcomes

Drive change in your priority areas, from satisfaction to resolution to handle time.

Elevate staff joy

Boost team morale by removing unwelcome tasks and enhancing the impact of every team member.

Implement rapidly

Deploy the platform quickly and easily for rapid ROI and progress.

Advance DEI impact

Tackle some of the main challenges to DEI goals and set a higher standard for equity.

Quantifiable wins. Immediate ROI.


lower costs compared to previously manual operations


performance visibility into ALL INTERACTIONS

Is ReflexAI right for me?

ReflexAI is dedicated to working with organizations that truly benefit from our solutions. Schedule a meeting to discover if ReflexAI’s contact center quality assurance and training software is right for you.