A higher standard for contact centers and human-led support

At ReflexAI, we’re redefining the standards of training and quality assurance for contact centers and human-led support services. With best-in-class AI and a focus on responsible innovation, we deliver never-before-seen efficiency, accuracy, and empathy, empowering organizations to make a greater impact on those they serve.


Our Story

Our journey began when Sam Dorison and John Callery-Coyne, two leaders at The Trevor Project, were challenged with scaling training efforts for counselors interacting with youth in crisis. They saw call center trainers and trainees struggling with repetitive training role plays that were time-intensive and mentally draining.

Understanding the need for a more efficient solution that also considered the highly sensitive nature of each interaction, they created AI software specifically for crisis support. Harnessing the power of large language models (LLMs) to automate and optimize training components, the two empowered trainees to engage in highly realistic simulated conversations. In a short time, The Trevor Project went from successfully training 60 call center agents per month to 600.

Paving the way for better call center support

John and Sam’s efforts gained widespread recognition and acclaim. Their work was named to TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2021, one of the first use-cases of LLMs to be highlighted. This work was also recognized across a wide range of media outlets including MIT Technology Review, CNN, ABC News, and Fast Company.

As winners of the VA’s prestigious Mission Daybreak competition, they secured funding to deploy AI-based training for suicide prevention among veterans. With a grant and staff support from Google, they built and launched HomeTeam, a revolutionary software platform accessible for free to all veterans in order to support each other with mental health challenges.

Today, having trained thousands with remarkable results, ReflexAI is more than a call center software company. We are on a mission to improve training and quality assurance at contact centers and organizations providing human-led support, particularly among individuals who deal with sensitive or critical situations. Our team continues to push boundaries and break barriers, driven by our passion to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Align costs & goals

By reducing time-intensive training and QA efforts, you can dedicate precious team resources to areas where they will have the most impact.

Save precious time

Train and evaluate dozens to hundreds of individuals efficiently by eliminating manual hassles. Free staff from tedious role plays and high volumes of manual call reviews.

Improve outcomes

Drive change in your priority areas, from satisfaction to resolution rate to handle time. ReflexAI provides custom scoring across multiple dimensions for a complete solution.

Elevate staff joy

Boost team morale by removing unwelcome tasks and enable them to focus on more rewarding activities like curriculum design, agent improvement, and long-term strategy.

Implement rapidly

Deploy the platform quickly and easily for rapid ROI and progress. Our onboarding team makes it simple to get up and running in no time.

Advance DEI impact

Tackle some of the main challenges to DEI goals and set a higher standard for equity. Our data sets are developed with diverse populations and our tools undergo extensive review by DEI experts.

Quantifiable wins. Immediate ROI.


lower costs compared to previously manual operations


performance visibility into

HIPAA Compliant

Responsible AI at its best

Created by former crisis center leaders, ReflexAI was built for situations where agent proficiency and human connection are critical. Understanding the nature of contact center interactions, our AI models ensure positive agent training and quality assurance. Designed with transparency, ethics, and security in mind, we exceed industry standards.