AI-powered tools for better support

For every contact center that interacts with people in challenging or sensitive moments, ReflexAI’s training and quality assurance tools are designed for you.

Achieve measurable results. Quickly.

performance visibility and quality assurance on interactions
lower costs on manual training and quality assurance

Feel the difference. Every day.

Run smoother operations

Remove the planning and logistics hassles of manual roleplays and QA.

Enable continuous improvement

Connect the dots between individual performance and priority outcomes.

Increase staff satisfaction

Reduce repetitive tasks and elevate the impact of team members across roles.

Unlock faster innovation

Remove logistical challenges to rolling out and monitoring protocol changes.

Core products

Supercharge your training and quality assurance programs with tools that work across crisis services, emergency response, social services, and healthcare.


Simulations replace manual roleplays & increase range of scenarios addressed in training.


Comprehensive and automatic evaluation of all interactions with reporting and analytics


Automatic feedback and suggested review scenarios provide immediate learning.
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Key features

Built with the latest AI technology, we'll help your team scale, train, and improve.

Training simulations

Whether you're training 20 people or 20,000 people, you can easily scale your training in the most budget-aware way.

Instantaneous metrics

Our AI provides trainees and agents with automated scores, saving you time & energy while increasing consistency and visibility.

Automated feedback

Trainees and agents receive actionable feedback on all interactions, so they’re continually improving.
We’re proud to collaborate with impactful organizations committed to responsible innovation
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We're thrilled to work with Google to expand how ReflexAI's tools are used and support veteran mental health.

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Co-founder, ReflexAI
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