Monitor every interaction

Automate your quality assurance and go from evaluating 3% to 100% of caller interactions. Our Assure call center quality assurance platform enables consistent QA reviews for meaningful feedback loops using responsible AI at every step of the way.

Product screenshot that shows a conversation that has been processed by ReflexAI's contact center quality assurance software platform, "Assure". The screenshot shows an audio player where a user could listen to the call, the transcribed text transcript of the call, and how the agent performed across several AI-powered scoring dimensions, such as opening protocol, empathy, and responsiveness.

QA tools managers love

Product screenshot that shows a filtered list of data representing phone, chat, and text interactions from that have been processed by ReflexAI's "Assure" quality assurance platform.

Access transcripts of every caller interaction for comprehensive review and call center quality assurance.

Tailor evaluation criteria to match organizational goals, ensuring assessments are relevant and impactful.

Monitor both voice calls and text-based chat. Our contact center quality assurance software has you covered in every case.

Organize teams of agents based on location or department for targeted insights and QA initiatives.

Your data is protected with industry-leading security standards, including SOC 2 Type 2 certification and HIPAA compliance.

Gain valuable insights into agent performance and caller trends with comprehensive analytics and reports.

100% call center quality assurance

Monitor EVERY call with AI-based automation. Our Assure software platform gives you a complete picture of agent performance during calls, scoring on various dimensions including empathy and response time.

Tackle manual screening

Free up manager time spent listening to calls and scoring individually. AI automation software provides more coverage and unbiased consistency.

Improve data accuracy

Understanding every call offers better data accuracy and unprecedented insights into interactions to elevate your call center quality assurance.

See trends

Spot trends over time, among agents, or across groups to help you make informed decisions and improve operations.

Advance DEI impact

Tackle some of the main challenges to DEI goals and set a higher standard for equity.

Improve outcomes

Drive change in your priority areas, from satisfaction to resolution to handle time.

Gain instant ROI

Increasing calls monitored by 3,000%+ delivers measurable ROI to your call center as soon as you implement the QA software.

3 steps to better QA

With quick, painless onboarding, our software delivers ROI in your call center quality assurance program immediately.


Deep dive

We kick things off by learning all about your needs, your technology, your priorities, and your scoring dimensions.





Based on your input, our tools are customized and synced securely to your telephony platform for analytics as soon as possible.





Our team is always available to support you with areas like onboarding and making the most of ReflexAI tools. Now you’re on your way to better, faster call center training and measurable ROI.



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High-stakes call center training business ReflexAI raised $3.3 million in seed funding, CEO Sam Dorison tells Axios exclusively.

HIPAA Compliant

Responsible AI at its best

Created by former crisis center leaders, ReflexAI was built for situations where agent proficiency and human connection are critical. Understanding the nature of contact center interactions, our AI models ensure positive agent training and quality assurance. Designed with transparency, ethics, and security in mind, we exceed industry standards.