AI for good.

ReflexAI was created by leaders who experienced firsthand the challenges of training and quality assurance in contact centers and human-led support services. Discover how our mission-driven organization was born and how we’re driving meaningful impact today and into the future across industries where every interaction matters.


Our Story

Follow our journey from transforming counselor training at The Trevor Project to winning the Department of Affairs’ Mission Daybreak competition and launching a multi-year partnership with Google. By harnessing AI, we’ve impacted hundreds of thousands of lives and paved the way for better support in even the most sensitive interactions.



ReflexAI prioritizes impact for our partners, ensuring that their goals drive our decision-making. We are inspired and motivated by the missions of organizations that we support.


Responsible Innovation

ReflexAI balances use of the latest technology with an outcomes-oriented approach. We are excited about breakthroughs while deploying them responsibly.


Diversity, equity & inclusion

A best-in-class approach to building our organization is mission-critical. Actions connected to all values are enhanced by continually investing in DEI.


Long-term mindset

A compelling culture and continually-improving products are critical to ReflexAI’s long-term success. We must always be a valuable enabler for our partners.



The protection of data and systems is our highest priority. We are trusted stewards of sensitive, personal, and regulated information.


Responsible AI

Guided by clinical experts, diverse datasets, and ethical oversight, our AI tools are developed with responsible best practices in mind at every stage.

Our leadership

Our founders are leaders in technology dedicated to driving impact with responsible innovation.


Giving Back with HomeTeam

Many of us are veterans or have veterans in our lives, so we’re passionate about using our expertise to serve people who have been in the military. That’s why we made HomeTeam, an innovative tool that addresses the specific challenges that veterans face.