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Shaping a caring campus community

Tailored specifically for educational institutions, our training platform is about more than just instruction. It’s about forging connections, fostering empathy, and providing much-needed mental health assistance to your students. From navigating sensitive conversations to providing real-world simulations in mental health clinics, ReflexAI is rewriting the script for campus care.

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Better help for students

With mental health issues surging among students, providing the right care and proactive suicide prevention is imperative. Our training solutions were built for sensitive situations, ensuring your individuals are equipped with the critical skills needed to help students in challenging moments.

Offering up dynamic, true-to-life simulations coupled with immediate feedback, our platform enables you to train faster while upholding best practices that fit your particular need while align with clinical research.

Day 1 readiness

High quality training prepares your team to be real-world ready on Day 1.

Tailored student personas

We create realistic personas based on the characteristics of your student body.

Realistic simulations

Dynamic conversations that respond appropriately for every situation.

Immediate feedback

Trainees and trainers get prompt scoring for continuous improvement.


Train and score on compassionate responses with nuanced simulations.

Ethical AI

Our models prioritize fairness and inclusivity in crisis and mental health management.

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